Tristan Faith – Trustee/Founder

“The Food Forest Project exists to reduce and prevent food poverty in a way which helps people reconnect with the planet and each other. It’s impossible to ignore the interconnectedness of mental health, physical health, societal health, and the health of our planet. As an activist, I needed to do something that would help tackle the climate crisis whilst also addressing some of the systemic issues in our society; there is no climate justice without social justice.”

Tobias Daniels – Vice Chair

“The Food Forest Project was set up to deal with food poverty and help people find community through food. Along the way, the FFP has also given me a community. I feel really proud of everything we’ve achieved as a group. We’re helping people in the community who are struggling to afford food, we’ve planted thousands of trees in the process, and we’re helping each other.”

Carlie Welch – Treasurer

“I recently joined the Food Forest Project team as Treasurer having known the team very well for a long time. I work in the food production industry, and I’m happy to be using my skills for such a good cause because I think what the FFP is doing is great. It’s brilliant to give people access to free organic food especially with the cost-of-living crisis.”

Sam Murphy – Trustee

“I’ve always had a love for eating well, whilst respecting the food and where it has come from. That has led me to pursue many food-related hobbies, as well as doing what I can to support those that are less fortunate. Having played a very small part in the fundraising of the Bristol Local Food Fund, I was drawn to the ethos of the Food Forest Project and hoped, at some point, I could help support the ambition of the project. Low and behold, that day has come!”

Monika Jerszynska – Trustee

“The Food Forest Project is extremely close to my heart – an emphasis on the power of resilient communities and regenerative agriculture is so crucial at the moment! Establishing genuine connections between humans and nature can revolutionise our wellbeing, the physical and mental health in our communities and the health of our planet. I’m so glad I can support a project that makes this interconnectedness so visible and important.”

Faye Sussex – Trustee

“I joined the Food Forest Project to lend my skills in the hope that we can allow communities to come together around food. I’m passionate about working at a grassroots level to connect with where food comes from and protect our beautiful planet in the process.”

James Preston – Trustee

“I’m hoping to bring my expertise in commercial decision-making to the Food Forest Project to keep it running efficiently, and to ensure that it’s charitable aims and objectives are being met.”