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The Food Forest Project is an intersectional environmental organisation that seeks to help social and environmental issues such as food poverty, access to nature, social isolation, habitat loss, carbon sequestration, and loss of soil fertility. We do this by working with local landowners, and local communities to plant the first three layers of a community food forest.

The Food Forest Project gets asked to undertake many projects in various locations in Somerset, and indeed, all over the world. Naturally, we do not undertake international projects. However, we will consider projects anywhere in Somerset/Bristol/BANES assuming they meet the criteria set out below. This helps us to ensure we are meeting the core objectives of the organisation, and the funding authorities that we collaborate with:

Pre-requisite Criteria:

Will the space be accessible to the public 24/7 for harvesting food, and wellbeing activities such as walking, meditation, and picnics? (this excludes dog walking as we’ve found dogs can have a detrimental effect on the ecosystems. However, depending on the space, this is negotiable)

Will the space be maintained by the landowner or a local community group? (‘maintenance’ does not include the planting of the final four layers of the food forest. This can be done by whomever, whenever, assuming the Management and Maintenance plan issued by the Food Forest Project post-completion is adhered to)

Will the space be maintained in perpetuity for the good of the community for the length of time that the landowner owns the land?

Although the Food Forest Project does not maintain the spaces once planted, we will request updates infrequently, and occasionally visit the sites to check on progress and to take images for our website and social media. We are on hand via email should advice be needed. Is this understood?

The Food Forest Project does not take out public liability insurance, nor any other form of insurance, on the land. This is the responsibility of the landowner. Is this understood?

The Food Forest Project does not retain liability for the site in any way once the first three layers have been planted. However, should there be any failures in the vegetation, we will consider replacements. Is this understood?

These spaces must not have any chemical insecticides/fertilisers/herbicides, nor any other VOC’s used on/in them. Is this understood?

Please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.