About us:

Fat Toni’s is passionate about fresh, ethically sourced, sustainable food sources


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The idea…

The Pizzeria

Fat Toni’s is passionate about fresh, ethically sourced, sustainable food sources.

We are championing the concept of high quality takeaway food and bringing it to your doorstep.

Sharing, Talking, Laughing, Eating.

These actions are some of the oldest foundations of Italian family food culture. They are also the core principles by which we run Fat Toni’s.

If you’re as passionate about food as we are, you’ll love it.


The Dough

Sourdough cultures have been used in pizza since the beginning. We bring to you the best in sourdough pizzas.

The Ischia

Ischia, a volcanic island in the gulf of Naples, is the most sought after culture in the world used by pizzaiolos across Italy.

Our recipe ensures a crisp finish and the sharpness of the sourdough will leave your mouth watering for more.

Vegetarian, vegan, no flour? Not a problem, it’s all about the dough. So the question is… what’s your culture?

Disclaimer: All our pizzas are hand-stretched so there maybe the occasional variance in size, however, all of our dough balls start life at the same weight.


The Toppings

All of our food is made by the same people day in, day out. We focus on quality, consistency and taste to ensure that every pizza is made with our very best ingredients.

We only use exceptional suppliers to make sure that all of our meat, cheese and produce comes from sources that we trust.

Our team of highly skilled chefs take these carefully selected ingredients and put Fat Toni’s recipes to work. They create a selection of possibilities even the fussiest of eaters will relish.


Alternative Diets

Fat Toni’s is proud to offer a varied and extensive menu – we try to cater for as many different dietary styles and requirements as possible.

We acknowledge food allergies and actively try to make sure that our food is suitable for everyone.


We have a vegan chef who helps us to grow with new ideas about tasty food for vegans and vegetarians. All of our pizza is available with vegan cheese in place of regular mozzarella at no extra charge.


With 11 Vegetarian pizzas on the menu and endless possibilities to create-your-own, Fat Toni’s offer a wide range of combinations to suit people who prefer veg.

Gluten Free

A pizza without flour? A few years ago they said it couldn’t be done. Well we’ve done it. Now you can enjoy all the goodness of a Fat Toni’s with your family and friends.

Disclaimer: No guarantees can be made about flour contact and our Gluten Free bases. We cook all of our pizzas in the same oven and there is a lot of flour at our Pizzerias.

We try to minimise contact with flour – our Gluten Free bases are made at another site and arrive in sealed packaging.


Regular or Large..?

A regular pizza is the size of a normal dinner plate and we feel is the perfect size for 1 person.

Why not share a large…?

Fat Toni’s signature 20” pizza is nearly 3 times the size of 2 regular pizzas.

That’s almost like getting a third pizza for free instead of ordering 2 regular bases.

We can split your pizza ½ and ½, 3 or 4 ways so you can keep everybody happy and still share the feast.